Housing encompasses a wide range of programs. While Child Care Facilities and Mobile Home parks have their own rules and regulations, the other programs such as Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels/Motels, Public and Private Schools, and Public Facilities are governed by the state's General Sanitation Regulation.

The main purpose of any program in the housing division is to ensure a clean, safe and sanitary environment.

All permitted establishments in each program are inspected a minimum of two times a year, except public schools, which are inspected bi-annually. The CCHD permits Child Care Centers, Bed and Breakfasts, Mobile Home Parks, Hotel/Motels, and Public and private Schools.

Evaluations of water and sewage systems for lending institutions are also conducted. Lending institutions require that a home with an individual sewage disposal system be inspected and approved before the closing of the sale. This is not a state mandated program, however the CCHD has for many years offered this important service to report the actual conditions found, regardless of who requests the service. The evaluation service is provided for a fee of $90.00. Click Here for the Guidelines for Evaluating water and sewage for Home loan.

Contact Name: Environmental Health Services

Contact Phone: 304-587-4269

For more information see: WV Department of Health and Human Resources