Food Program(s)

Environmental Health services staff conducts risk based inspections of all food establishments yearly and responds to complaints with immediate investigations. The purpose of the inspections is to assure that the food is being handled properly from storage to preparation and serving. Inspectors observe all workers’ food handling practices; assure equipment is working properly, take food temperatures, inspect all refrigeration and storage areas, assure water temperatures, and correct level and uses of sanitizers. Any violations that are noted are discussed with the Person in Charge and a plan of action is put into place to correct critical violations immediately and to correct non-critical violations as soon as possible. You should review the Food Training Guide to get further information.

Environmental Health is responsible for promoting and protecting the public’s health by ensuring that the county’s food supply is safe and sanitary. The Sanitarian staff is trained on the 2013 Model Food Code and is well versed on the inspection process as well as educating food facility management and the consumer. The CCHD food safety program's number one goal is to help protect the public from food borne illness.

Food Establishment Database(s)

Rule(s) & Guidline(s)

The WV Food Establishment Rule, effective July 1, 2008, governs retail food establishments such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, day cares, temporary food stands, etc.

The rule incorporates, by reference, the majority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 2013 Model Food Code.

Application(s) & Form(s)

All food establishments must obtain and complete the Plan Review Packet prior to being issued a food permit. To download a printable copy of these documents please click Plan Review Packet.

New or existing food establishments must submit an application for a permit to operate yearly.

Sponsors of bake sales should register with the CCHD. Please complete the Online Bake Sale Form and return it to the CCHD prior to the bake sale.

Contact Name: Environmental Health Services

Contact Phone: 304-587-4269

Training Resource(s)

Complete your Food Handler's Training Online: 

ALL Food Establishments are REQUIRED to have at least 1 Food Protection Manager, find training info below! 

Food Safety Concern 

If you have a concern regarding food safety, please complete the form. This could be related to a food establishment or a group of people becoming ill after eating the same foods or at the same event. 

Additional Resource(s)